A little more about the film.

Along the process of shooting this film, I began getting a lot questions about the places we were visiting. Often the questions were followed by suggestions, which I've appreciated and used to the best of my ability. 

The most important thing that I've had to continue to remind myself and others is that        we are creating a documentary film and not a promotional video about Michigan Beer (although sometimes it may achieve both). 

We simply can not interview/feature every brewery in the state of Michigan, or even come close! Even though there are many many brewers in the state we love, respect and enjoy that we haven't had the opportunity to talk with. 

The goal of the film is to learn who is behind this growth, who's benefitting, where is it all going and what does it all mean for Michigan? 

The good news is... we're already working on our follow up plans to the film and yes, it involves beer. 


Editing the film.... update #10293949

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to give a quick update on the edit process. Initially, if you pinned me down, I would have said I was more nervous about having enough content for a full length film - rather than having too much.... Right now, we're definitely finding that we have an abundance of material and the challenge is to weave it all together and fit it all in so we can tell as comprehensive of a story as possible. 

We are almost finished with the first hour of the film and we're barely into our 2nd of 3 segments... yikes... looks like we're going to have to make some hard decisions on leaving some clips on the proverbial cutting room floor.  

Some of the faces making an early appearance are volunteers at hop head farms, Scott Sullivan, Kristen Sullivan and their children, Mike and Dave from Founders, Michael Kiser, Jill Sites, Rex Halfpenny, Trevor Klimek, Ben Fleckenstien, Ryan Sylvester, Brian Tennis, Joel Mulder, Jason Spaulding... just to name a few. 

While we're working to get the film finished, we're also planning the premiere of the film at the Kalamazoo State Theater.. stay tuned for more on that! 

- KR


Kevin Romeo, Dan Baker and Nick Benitez.  

Director, Editor, Editor. 

Dan Baker, the "2nd Shift" editor. 

Kickstarter = Funded. Now get to work!

We've been a bit quiet lately, particularly since our Kickstarter was successfully funded.  

Essentially, it is crunch time and we are busy working on the edit of the film as well as planning the premiere. We'll be posting updates occasionally on progress but I'm afraid the good old days of putting out video blogs are all but finished... 

That is until after the film is over and we begin the next project... 

Stay tuned. 




This is me, about to enjoy a Beef Brisket sandwich from Greenbush.