3,200+ views in 3 days!

Wow. We had no idea that the response to our quickly assembled teaser video for our Michigan Beer Film project would be so well received! Thanks to all who have encouraged us on this fun ride and have shared their love of Michigan craft beer with us!

It's been like a B12 shot to our motivation to finish the film and put it out there for y'all to enjoy!

The Facebook page. wow.

Article from Mlive.

3,265 views on our Vimeo page!

Nothing like in Greenbush in November!

We spent most of the day filming, but during our free moments we grabbed a few candids at one of favorite places on the planet. (Greenbush Brewing Co in Sawyer, MI)
Shot with 5D MarkII/III
Special thanks to Scott Sullivan & Jill Sites for being so gracious to us.

This is Baney, he started as a bartender, became a brewer and now heads up sales. I actually traded him a beer for my wedding ring. True Story.

This is Pete (also known as Papa Bear) shoveling spent grain. Which will likely be traded to a local farm for cow feed.

Jill Sites, Ambassador of Everything, and myself.

The Taproom. All Christmasy.

Jill does not stress ever.

Carlos + Journeyman Distillery barrels. 

Hop Pellets for small batches.

This was Papa Bear's lunch, waiting for him while he shoveled grain. These tacos were delicious.

Someone's mug, not sure who.

Pete doing his thing.

Scott, founder and co-owner.