Michigan Beer Film - The Michigan Hop Alliance

My wife, Anna, and I traveled 4.5 hours north to Omena, MI in the Leelanau Peninsula to speak with Brian Tennis and Joel Mulder of the Michigan Hop Alliance.
Although already worn out from out trip to Detroit (to see the Tigers put a hurt on the Sox) the night before, It was a blast.

We drank some michigan beer.
Talked about organically grown Michigan hops.
Toured Brian's 20 acre hop yard, called New Mission Organics

Photos taken with 5DMKII and iPhone 4S

Greenbush - Jill's bartender comeback + Good Beer Hunting

We were at Greenbush Brewing Co in Sawyer, MI this Sunday to interview Michael Kiser, of Good Beer Hunting. Little did we know that Jill, of the big three at Greenbush Brewing Co was making her triumphant return to tending the bar that day and we were privileged to enjoy the show. 
As Scott Sullivan (Owner, Greenbush) put it:

In the spirit of Michael Jordan coming back to play for the Wizards, Theodore Roosevelt running for a third term, Navratilova coming back for a day for reasons unknown and Rocky coming back for a fifth installment, Jill has decided to take up the challenge of commandeering the bar for one shift and one shift only today from noon to five. Can she still dunk? Can she still beat McEnroe and Becker? Can she elevate the Bull Moose Party? And most importantly, why was there a Rocky V anyway? Stop in and challenge her mad skilz. It may never happen again.

Greenbush? Two, please!

Generally any opportunity we get to stop in at Greenbush Brewery in Sawyer Michigan, (Exit 12 on i94) we take.

This time myself and Jonny J were heading to Chicago for an engagement photo session, but we planned ahead and left with plenty of time.

We had an impromptu conversation with Jill and Jenn, a dynamic duo of sorts at GB who keep the marketing wheels spinning and we were re-energized with some direction for the #MI Beer Film.

Needless to say, we are very stoked for what's in store!


Hop Fields Forever!

Ready to move on to the next phase of shoots for the #MI Beer Film.
Stay tuned for visits to the fabulous HOP FIELDS of the Northern Lower Peninsula near Traverse City!
We'll be spending some time with the infamous Joel Mulder of the Michigan Hop Grower's Alliance.

- KR