The Film Score: Michigan Artists

We were very intentional in selecting the style of music we wanted for our film to convey the raw energy and emotion we felt was necessary.  
At the same time, we were very committed to using only Michigan based music. We couldn't be more happy with the amazing songs we curated for this film. 




Songs used:  "The Devil Made Me Do It", "On This Mountain", "You Alone Know", "Who is He, Anyway?", 

Based in Grand Rapids, The Soil and the Sun's "What Wonder is this Universe" vinyl is an office favorite at the Rhino Media studio. The earthy vocals and orchestral complexity and beauty behind every track made them perfect for our film. When we needed a big emotional lift, we went straight to the Soil and the Sun. 

Please support the band by buying their incredible music at their website. 




Songs used: "Icarus", "Easier", "Shallow River", "Once and For All", 

Also based in Grand Rapids, "The Crane Wives" scratch that perfect place of fun harmonies and boom chuck beats. When we wanted something fun and excitable we looked first at the Crane Wives music. We're proud to call these wonderful people friends. 

Please support the band by buying their incredible music at their website. 



Songs Used: "Hard Times", "Huck Finn", "Drinking Song" 

Andru Bemis's music has an old world story telling style that we were blessed to be able to use in the film. I (Kevin) met Andru a few years back when I was playing a gig at South Haven's Foundry Hall. Since then he's been a musical favorite of mine. His music truly takes you to another place and time. 

Support Andru's Music. 



Songs Used: "Two Pears Dancing", "Drowsy Maggie/Sidetracked", "We Sail at Dawn"

The Moxie Strings are one of the funnest groups in SW Michigan to watch live. Fronted by Diana and Alison, they bring an incredible energy and emotion in their mix of irish and bluegrass jams. The song "Two Pears Dancing" was our choice for our Kickstarter Video as well. 

Support these fabulous artist's music! 



Songs Used: "Hurt You" and "Cubicle Blues"

Barn on fire is a project I've had for the past 5 years and it's essentially myself (Kevin Romeo) and a couple friends, Collin Moeller and Jeremy Angeletti. For the film, Collin and myself recorded two tunes at Double Phelix Studios in Kalamazoo, as we were in need of a couple extra songs for the Bell's Oberon Scene and The intro to Kuhnhenn. 

Check out the Soundcloud page. 



Songs Used: "Ambient Guitar 1"

Steve Gansen is a professional guitarist currently living in Nashville, TN, but originally from Mattawan, MI. 
We asked him to create a custom track to use during the Paw Paw Brewing Co scene. 

Check out Steve's page for music production.  



As far as we can tell, Drag Day, is a now defunct band out of Ferndale, MI. 
We learned of them because one of their members initially sent us a Facebook message and a copy of their album in the mail. Well, they have a great Killer's style vibe that we really loved and used at two key points in the film. The music punch that happens when Scott Sullivan says the iconic line "I can't just sit at a desk, I'd rather die" is all drag day. As well as the scene where we travel up to the snowy north and get stuck on US 131. 



Songs used: "You Ain't the Only Game" 

Delilah is one of a kind. With such a unique, modern rock-a-billy sound, we knew we wanted to use her music in the film, but we weren't quite sure where. The hijinks in the Right Brain/Michigan Mobile Canning scene just seemed to beg for her uptempo, throw-back sound. 

Go buy her music! 



Songs Used: "Be My Baby Tonight" 


I was first introduced to Josh's music when I caught his fantastic live show at the Livery microbrewery, founded by Steve Berthel in Benton Harbor, MI. 

His tune, "Be My Baby Tonight" can be heard on the teaser we initially released to tell everyone about the film we were working on. Coincidentally, Josh grew up near Sawyer, MI and Scott Sullivan's brother Devin played the lead guitar track on this song. 



Songs Used: "Days are Running"

Bennett is a fantastic sounding young band out of the Grand Rapids area.  We used their song during the Introduction to Bells Brewery.

Check out their website